Livne Technical Develoment is an experienced engineering  company that specializes in planning and designing of steel structures, MEP, and integrating BIM processes.

Our company has more than a decade of experience in planning steel and MEP in 3D, and working in BIM environment. Our work is based upon experience gained in years of being a part of the field work, and the engineering and design processes. This experience allows us to keep to schedule, and give our customers a comlete set of tools to be used in the process of fabrication and assembly in ways that will allow pre-fabrication, shorten the production time, and save on labor during installation.

Our team consists of mechanical, civil and structural engineers, ready to take on any challenge. The clients' and the projects' success are in the heart of all of our team members. 

Our company has completed hundereds of projects, and our many clients will be happy to testify on our behalf. We will gladly contact you, and tell you more about ourselves, and how we can meet your needs.

ליבנה פיתוח טכנולוגיה בע"מ

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